Thursday, 16 January 2014

When It's Acceptable To Use Derogatory Terms

With global equality for all finally coming afters thousands of years, I can see why some might be against derogatory terms. Although, the way I see it, the time for using these words as a way to express hate is long gone. Take a walk down the halls of any high school in North America and I can almost guarantee you'll hear words like "faggot" and "nigger". I think the reason behind this is because kids don't really realize where these words stemmed from, they think its just a word you use when your friends are annoying you or you are mocking a rap song. Some may argue, but I believe that we live in a pretty accepting society. When we say these words that were formerly used as hateful terms we don't say them in a racist or discriminatory way. I think it is time for society to adopt these terms as a new meaning, a less hateful meaning.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why Cigarettes Can Be Cool

Imagine Danny Zucko from "Grease". Now imagine him leaning against his Harley Davidson with his jet black hair slicked back while smoking a cigarette. To me, this is the definition of cool. Teachers always say "it's all about how you approach the situation" and this is they way I look at cigarettes, if you smoke them occasionally and almost use them as an accessory to bring your whole identity together, then I say go for it! It only begins to get dangerous when you start smoking a pack a day. Although I don't smoke them myself, I do condone them. Everyone is constantly concerned with the health risks of smoking  but those are almost all life-long smokers. Plus, we all die eventually right?

The Help Author- Kathryn Stockett

Kathryn Stockett was born in 1969 in Jackson Mississippi, the same city in which her novel ¨The Help¨ is set. After graduating the University of Alabama she moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of becoming an accomplished author. Although she did not live through the height of the racism she most likely heard the stories first hand from people who were either the victims or the oppressors. Through that knowledge she had the information she needed to write a historically accurate novel.

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Imaginary Existence Of The Illuminati

                 With all the unsolved puzzles of the earth I can understand why a person might seek answers, but an imaginary secret society made just to blame our worlds problems on is just too much. Whether there was an organization known as the Illuminati we will never know, but I can assure you that today it is long gone.

               The Illuminati was said to be created in Bavaria in 1776, at the time, they were made to destroy prejudice, superstition and religious influence on public life. The modern day Illuminati  is trying to achieve world dominance under one government by manipulating powerful people into doing tasks to complete this function. What I do not see possible is how this could be done while still remaining out of the spotlight. Also, with the growing usage of mass world-wide communication, this may be one lonely person sitting in their parents basement corrupting the minds of civiliansIn the paranoid mind, the Illuminati succeeded in their goals, and have now infiltrated every government and every aspect of society. They are responsible for every evil and every unjust act that ever occurs anywhere; the fact that absolutely no evidence of their existence only proves to make my case stronger.