Thursday, 16 January 2014

When It's Acceptable To Use Derogatory Terms

With global equality for all finally coming afters thousands of years, I can see why some might be against derogatory terms. Although, the way I see it, the time for using these words as a way to express hate is long gone. Take a walk down the halls of any high school in North America and I can almost guarantee you'll hear words like "faggot" and "nigger". I think the reason behind this is because kids don't really realize where these words stemmed from, they think its just a word you use when your friends are annoying you or you are mocking a rap song. Some may argue, but I believe that we live in a pretty accepting society. When we say these words that were formerly used as hateful terms we don't say them in a racist or discriminatory way. I think it is time for society to adopt these terms as a new meaning, a less hateful meaning.


  1. David, from reading this blog it comes off that you are saying bullying doesn't exist. I understand that when you're with your friends it is being said in a joking matter. But what happens when somebody yells the term "faggot" at somebody who is gay or "nigger" to new black student. That is not okay to say and never should be. Why bring up terms that have such terrible and damaging history. Using direct derogatory terms that are hurtful to a person is wrong and not ok!

  2. You're right Tristan, I don't think bullying exists.

  3. Why should we adopt these hateful terms into society? The use of these words has gone down in the recent years, however they are still derogatory. In Canada these words aren't used as often as in America, but are still used to denote people wherever you go. Whether or not people know where they stem from, doesn't make it right to say in our society.

  4. Where did these terms originate, why do they exist. These terms were used to discriminate upon people who are different. I understand that in different situations the terms can be taking multiple ways. Im trying to show you that in someways it isnt funny... It is used to attack and belittle people. Do you think that is ok?

    1. Exactly, the origins were used as derogatory terms, so adopting them into society would be wrong and cruel to those who are affected by such words.

  5. I highly disagree with this blog post. While words like "bitch" and "whore" are okay, it is because they have not been used to put down an entire race, or people's sexual orientation the way "nigger" and "faggot" have been used.

    The fact that you are a straight, white straight male, I highly doubt you would have ever had to dealt with discrimination. The word "nigger" was used in times of slavery to make sure African American slaves knew that they were inferior to white people, so it is very unlikely we can ever move past the original use for the word. Being a black person myself, I have been called that in a hateful manner, and it really hurts. Same goes with the word "faggot". A gay friend of mine has been bullied a lot for being gay, and was called a "fag" so many times, and it has really affected him.

    Yes today's society is much more accepting than before, but words like these have been used to put people down in the past, so if we are trying to get away from times of discrimination and nonacceptance, we should work towards not adopting these words into our vocabulary, rather than changing the meaning of them.

  6. I agree David. I think alot of people are fine with hearing these words, it's the people that allow these words to offend them that cause the problem. If someone calls me a cracker or whitey or whiteboy I don't get offended and turn it into a joke. I think that if people would get offended a little less there would be a little less hatred in this world. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.